About Me

My Name is Sadaqat Hussain. I’m a psychologist. I have a keen interest in Personal development practices. For the last few years I have been researching on personality development practices and techniques, and applying these on my self.

Few years back I started meditation and within a couple of days I found it very effective and powerful. It really helped me a lot and left various positive effects on my mental and physical behavior. Most of all it gave me peace.

I have been meditating consistently for few years now and it gave me lots of good things. So I decided to share my experiences with all of you through MeditationSavvy.com. It’s solely an informative blog, The aim of MeditationSavvy.com is to provide you with the valuable information and resources about meditation.

I have experienced so many benefits of meditation and I would love to see you start your meditation journey by following the techniques and best practices provided by MeditationSavvy.com.