Meditation Pillows Reviews 2016

Meditation Pillows Reviews 2016

One of the primary factor of meditation that’s not really discussed enough, is getting your ideal meditation pillows or cushions. You need to be comfortable to be able to connect with nirvana. Anatomically, most spines need support so as to sit on the ground for longer durations.

If you’ve ever had pins & needles within your feet or an achy back whilst meditating, it is best to brace yourself up with cushions. In truth, except if you are in the .01% of population who are comfortable sitting in lotus on the ground without back support, meditation pillows should be part of your meditation practice.

In this post, I am going to recommend you the best meditation pillows based on my experience and research.

Remember that the purpose of any meditation pillow is to raise your pelvis so that your hips are elevated than your knees. This enables proper blood circulation to your legs to assist you sit for longer periods.

1. Zafu Meditation Pillow by Waterglider International®

Zafu Meditation Pillow - USA Made

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If there was one cushion that I had to suggest to others like my life relied on it, then it would have to be the Zafu Meditation Pillow by ‘Waterglider International®.’ It is absolutely the best meditation pillow on the market at this time and over the past One year; I have used it thoroughly without any problems.

Zafu meditation pillow is among Amazon’s best sellers and there are number of reasons behind:

  • Provide effective back-support
  • Durable, sewn perfectly and comfy
  • Also comes in Six beautiful colours
  • Ideal size – It has got the diameter of 15 inches and 4.5 inches high
  • You can also remove it’s filling to adapt it to your comfortability

If you are carrying out extended meditations on the ground and wish to relieve the discomfort of sitting then, this particular meditation pillow is meant for you. It is stable and holds you off the floor, allowing your legs align while crossed; nevertheless, it really is delicate enough to alleviate the pressure on your pelvic bones.

It’s quite sturdy, plus the material is not flimsy or low priced. With a zipper you can access the filling that’s covered amongst the pleats. A slip cover could possibly be ideal. I have been using an old pillow-case till I discover a fine cover for it.

     Additional Features:
  • It comes in 6 different colors: Purple, blue, red, black, green and orange
  • Fill removable to wash
  • Filled with Eco friendly buckwheat husks
  • Classic round shape
  • Suitable for all Yoga & Meditation Practices

2. Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Pillow

Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Pillows

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2nd up on my list of the best Meditation Pillows is the Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Pillow – an ideal cushion for people who travel a lot.

The Mobile Meditator inflatable meditation pillow is intended for use at your home as well as well as for traveling. It has got three easily adjustable separate portions enabling modified comfort, stability and size.

Mobile Meditator is designated to maintain your comfortability and tranquility during meditation. While formerly considered for traveling, it quickly became the ideal cushion for regular meditation.

  • Specially designed for ease and comfort
  • Completely adaptable to fit every sitter’s preference
  • Light-weight for travel
  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Compact – You can take it with you anywhere
  • Size: 18 x 12 x 6 inches ; 12 ounces
  • Separate sections offer balance even if partially inflated

Mobile Meditator is the primary portable meditation pillow available. It is developed for meditators, and for any person who sits on the floor. Mobile Meditator is all set for daily use: routine meditations, camping, hiking,, resting on the beach, or simply chilling out. It is sturdy enough for regular use.

Just sit relaxed any time, at any place!

You can use it on chairs, airplane seats and cars to provide increased back support. You can also employ it as a sleeping pillow.

Some customers reported saying It was a bit heavy for them, but overall its one of the best and most rated cushion.

     Additional Features:
  • Three individual adjustable air chambers
  • Smooth and fitted to body for increased comfort
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Forward slope facilitates balance and alignment
  • Washable and sturdy
  • Assembled fabric avoids getting slip
  • Relieves burden on legs, ankles and hip area

3. Zafu Meditation Pillows – By Bean Products®

Zafu Meditation Cotton Pillows

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If my #1 pick of pillow did not excite you enough, then most likely the Zafu Meditation Pillows – By Bean Products® will assist you to finalize your search for the best meditation pillow.

Zafu Cotton Pillow enables seated meditation more convenient on the back, knees and ankles that’s essential for lengthy sessions. Durable, U.S. cultivated organic buckwheat hull filling lightly adjusts with your body structure to alleviate pressure whilst offering support.

The filling inside is tight and comfy, and It enables you to meditate for an extended duration with no loss of blood circulation and numbness.

If you haven’t used a zafu, get ready, this thing is heavy for its size. It has got the proper size for a sitting position, and it has ample weight to stay in place without getting too “smooshed”.

Its filling is a bit loose so washing the cushion itself might be tricky however, not impossible.

  • A great choice for all Yoga & Meditation Practices
  • Fill removable and refillable with Carry Handle
  • Stuffed with organic buckwheat from USA
  • Classic yet contemporary round Design
  • Round (dia 13, height 6, lbs 5.5) XLarge Oval(18’L x 13’dia, height 6, lbs 7.5)

Both Regular and Large Sizes have got tidy contemporary Style and offers any one with any size the maximum relaxing ergonomics required for enhanced back positioning, less hip bone pressure, less knee, and ankle strain for a long-lasting and deeper meditation.

When it comes to meditation comfort and ease is the central concern for most of us and this pillow has covered that. It’s handle works excellent you can take it to the living room to watch TV or color your toe nails (if you’re female).

Zafu Meditation Cotton Pillows comes in 20+ lovely colors of durable 10oz cotton duck or 16oz Eco friendly Hemp fabric.

4. Zafu Meditation Pillows by Peace Yoga®

Zafu Meditation Pillows by Peace Yoga®

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Meditation must not be disrupted by aching bones and sore muscles. Meditation pillows by Peace Yoga are the optimal balance of firmness and flexibility, steadily filled with buckwheat hulls to get appropriate firmness yet delicate enough to adapt to your body’s requirements.

It offer you a boost up from tough floors, thus reducing pressure from your knees, hips and ankles. No longer any numb legs with out continuously changing your posture. This particular meditation pillow also helps to correctly straighten up and support your back. Keeping correct posture assists relieve your mind and enables your energy to flow smoothly and efficiently.

  • Full-zip feature will let you remove the exterior cotton cover for cleansing
  • Cotton cover is machine washable
  • Comes with grab handle for easy handling
  • Inner buckwheat is enclosed within a bag for easy removal and insertion
  • Comes in various shapes to suit your body’s needs, and a broad range of colours to suit your flavor

5. Cotton Zabuton Meditation Pillows

Cotton Zabuton Meditation Pillows by Bean Products

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Cotton Zabuton Meditation Pillows are filled with a nice three inches of organic cotton. The inner batting is filled densely enough to allow adequate support while delicate enough for your convenience. The fully twill cotton cover includes a zipper down one length therefore it can easily be taken away and washed. The interior batting is safely encased in a cotton casing.

Zabutons are rectangular cushions used often beneath a zafu cushion to give comfortable support to help you in your meditation practice. Zabuton meditation pillows also make a very functional yoga brace, and are employed to aid you in shoulder stand and even being a bolster when folded in half. Cotton Zabuton Meditation pillow is 36” length by 28” width by 3” height and are available in traditional colours.

  • Filled with 100% natural, organic cotton
  • Durable, weighty cotton twill cover
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Colorful, heavy cotton twill cover
  • For meditation or as a yoga prop